The prime minister called on the police to gain people’s trust

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the police to gain people’s trust by suppressing evil. He said this after inaugurating Police Week at Rajarbagh Police Lines ground on Tuesday (February 27) morning.

The Prime Minister said that the police should work with patriotism, honesty and ideals as people’s friends. Besides, he commented that the government is doing everything necessary to build a smart police.

Sheikh Hasina said that the police force has developed as a modern, efficient, dynamic and people-friendly force. The government is doing everything to make the police a smarter force.

Stating that the police have repeatedly been victims of arson attacks, the head of government said that the members of the police force have protected the public at the cost of their lives. The police showed patience when the BNP-Jamaat entered Rajarbagh on October 28 and carried out destructive activities.

He said that whenever the people of the country are in danger, they first seek shelter from the police. The police are the people’s friend, it has always been. It needs to be established. We are building the police force to serve the people.
He also said that the police has played a special role in natural disasters. When the relatives were not there in Corona, the police was there for the people. He also arranged for the burial of the dead body.

The head of government said that the police were also attacked because they tried to stop the arson in the name of political movement. They were beaten to death. Police have given their lives to protect people’s lives. Protected people’s lives. On October 28, 2023, the Jamaat-BNP attacked Rajarbagh. The police dealt with them with patience. Our police force has also made a heroic

contribution to UN peacekeeping missions. Many have given their lives. I thank them for their contribution in maintaining peace not only in Bangladesh but also in the world.
Earlier, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Police Week around 10:30 am. He inspected and saluted the parade of various police contingents and flag bearers.