Animation movie about Prime Minister

A 3D animation movie is being made about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The name of the film is Haseena: The Untold Story.

It is produced by Ratul Biswas. He said that the movie will be produced from Null Station Studio. ICT department is under supervision. The teaser of the movie has been released recently. It was seen there that Sheikh Hasina is returning home by plane.

In this regard, Ratul said, ‘The movie will be made with advanced technology. As in Hollywood. The movie looks like it was shot for real. Here will be the use of AI technology. We want to build a project that can compete in the international market. Our main aim is to fight at the Oscars with the film.’ The story of the movie will be from the time of the Great Liberation War. Will see the Prime Minister’s plan till 2041.

Producer Ratul said, ‘Maybe we all know the story of this movie. But many have not seen the visual. When Bangabandhu and his family were killed in 1975, how did Sheikh Hasina spend that time? I am trying to cinematically bring out many unknown stories of his return to the country turning grief into power, re-establishing democracy in the country after a lot of struggle, his sacrifice and struggle to move the country forward.’
Hasina: The duration of The Untold Story movie will be around three hours. The movie will be dubbed in Hindi and English. If everything goes according to plan, the makers want to release the movie in theaters in 2025.