This time Priyanka will play a different role

Priyanka Chopra left Bollywood and joined Hollywood. Along with various serials, he has also acted in several movies. Again announced the new movie. His character is quite important. He has not been seen in such a role before.

Apart from Priyanka, Karl Urban will be seen in this film. According to reports, after a long time, a movie about pirates is being made in Hollywood. And Priyanka is going to play the role of a pirate for the first time. Desi Girl herself said, There was a time when we thought, If you are a good person, God will give you the opportunity to become a pirate.

As soon as the news of this film came to light, there was a lot of discussion about what Priyanka’s husband, Nick Jonas, said. He has no words to say to his wife. So, he worked with emojis. He wrote to Priyanka, Fire!

Incidentally, Priyanka did not get to this place easily. He once said in an interview that it took him 10 years to get a chance in Hollywood movies. Not easy. If he has to work so hard, what is the condition of the rest?