Kangana got angry

Bollywood actress queen Kangana Ranaut does not leave the controversy behind. Critics say that his timepass is the controversy. He loves to fight with legs.

However, Kangana prefers to call herself independent and free-spirited. What did he think again? Twinkle Khanna under his watchful eye.
Let’s put it a little more clearly. In a recent interview, Twinkle Khanna said that the role of men in girls’ lives is like a plastic bag. Only useful for carrying stuff. This goes without a bag.

Kangana got angry at Twinkle’s comment. He clearly wrote on social media, ‘Those who think of men as plastic bags, do they not enjoy any benefits from men? Their careers are born on silver spoons, served on golden plates. It is really easy to make such comments after enjoying such a life. Is this feminism for them?’

Twinkle Khanna is completely missing from the Bollywood screen. He was last seen in ‘Love Ke Liye Kuchhvi Karega’ in 2001. Then suddenly she married Akshay Kumar. He gave his mind to the world. Divya has two children.