Musharraf Karim in ‘Chakkar’?

Sharaf Ahmed Jiban has gained reputation as an advertisement and theater producer since long ago. Now you are coming with the movie. He recently announced the name of a movie called ‘Chakkar 302’. A poster has already been released. The poster shows someone with a pistol in his hand, looking worried in a black shade. It’s spinning around! But who is he? The maker did not open his mouth about this.

Meanwhile, popular actor Musharraf Karim shared the poster of the movie ‘Chakkar 302’ on social media. He wrote in the caption, ‘Is the story of life smooth, or a circular puzzle? Is the next person a friend or a stranger? Is it you who is seen in the mirror, or not?’
It is believed that the actor of that poster of life is Musharraf. He is staying in this movie.

Maker Jiban said, the story of ‘Chakkar’ has a human touch. Since the grant was received, I tried to make a proper movie in a big event by adding more budget to it. Because even though I have more stories, I am a bit more interested in this one. I expect everyone’s love for the first movie.’

This movie, which received a government grant of 65 lakh taka in the financial year 2021-22, has already completed the entire shooting. Chakkar is currently in post production. He said that he will announce soon when he will be released.