Aamir Khan is getting married for the third time!

Bollywood actors Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao got divorced in 2021. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao talk on the sets of ‘Logan’. It is heard that Aamir’s first marriage broke up after falling in love with Kiran. The actor tied the knot with Kiran in 2005, a few years after his split with ex-wife Reena Dutt. Both of them are crazy about work, they are very similar in mind.

A long 15-year marriage suddenly broke up. However, even if the marriage breaks up, they work together and live in the same house. Their understanding is different. Now he asked Kiran for tips on how to be a good husband for next time. But Amir is getting married for the third time!

Bollywood star Aamir has stumbled several times in the professional field over the past few years. However, he is most in the news about the ups and downs of his personal life. From breaking up with Kiran Rao to whispers of love with Fatima Sana Sheikh, Aamir has been in the headlines multiple times. Aamir was seen playing pickleball with Fatima a few days ago.

Although many thought Fatima’s absence from Aamir’s daughter Ira Khan’s wedding may have caused a rift in their relationship. But this time, the ex-wife came to the promotion of Kiran’s film ‘Lapata Ladies’ and said, “After the divorce, I asked Kiran, where are my shortcomings as a husband, so that I can fix it next time.”

The actor said that Kiran scored 20 points while sitting with a notebook and pen. But Aamir’s talking too much is one of the faults, said the actor’s ex-wife. The next time Aamir brought up the issue of correcting the wrong, speculations about the third marriage of the actor have started in a section of the netpara.