Believes, no one wants to break a family: Shabnam Faria

Recently, Mahia Mahi, the actress of Dhakai movie, gave the news of her family breakup. The actress appeared in a video message on Friday (February 16) night and informed everyone about her separation. After two and a half years of marriage to businessman Rakib Sarkar of Gazipur in 2021, this couple is going to walk the path of divorce.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of discussion-criticism going on in the fans about the news of Mahi’s separation. Some have made various comments taunting the actress, while others have stood by expressing sympathy. He advised her to stay strong in such a situation of divorce
However, the number of people who speak ‘bitterly’ in this crowd is more. Especially the news of Mahia Mahi’s separation, netizens have been ‘trolled’ in various ways through social media.

Actress Shabnam Faria gave a long status on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon about the issue. Where he wants to say, no one wants to break someone’s family. In such a situation, one should not say anything by hurting anyone.

In the beginning he writes, ‘In front of or behind the screen, whoever works in any field, everyone is human. God made everyone the same. Those who work in banks, teachers, corporates or doctors, feel pain when their hands and feet are cut, those who work in front of the screen also feel the same pain
Everyone’s way of coming into the world is the same. After the death, the grave is done in case of Muslim, in case of other religion, funeral rites are done accordingly. The Creator has not laid down any rule that if he works in Omak profession, he will not be buried, or he will be buried under different rules. Whether working in front of the screen or in any profession, everyone has a personal life, there are many ups and downs. Do you know how many dreams and hopes a person starts a family with someone? When for some reason it is not possible to have a family, do you know how much it hurts?’

He wrote, ‘I believe that everyone has a family. Those who work in front of the screen are not outside the society or family. Suppose for some reason your sister’s family didn’t survive, and people around her are talking nonsense to her without knowing it. How will your mother or you feel? He believes that everyone’s mother, brother or sister feel the same.

The actress wrote, ‘I can personally say mine. Acting was my profession till 2020. Despite my family’s tyranny, I acted because I love it. A good screenplay actually keeps me awake at night with excitement. However, for the last two years I have not worked as much as I used to or have decided to work less for various reasons. But when I was working, it was like ten other jobs to me. I used to get up in the morning and go to shoot, come home at night, I didn’t shoot on Friday-Saturday unless it was very important. The only difference was, others work from 9 to 5, we have to work from 11 to 11.
Shabnam Faria wrote, ‘Now for the type of work you know the people in front of the screen, some you like, some you like less, some may not like you. That’s normal. But a person talking about his pain, and you have a phone in your hand so you can say whatever you want, it’s a very, very bad practice. Just hurting someone is a crime. Don’t do this again, please, if you can’t reduce someone’s suffering, don’t play a role in increasing it. Believes, no one wants to break someone’s family. Irrespective of profession, everyone wants to live happily with husband or children.’

Incidentally, at the end of last year, the web series ‘Mobarkanama’ starring Faria was released in Bangladesh on the OTT platform. His performance in it was appreciated. Apart from Shabnam Faria, Musharraf Karim, Shahnaz Sumi and others also acted in the series