Fuchka came as it did

If you list the most favorite foods of Bengali women, the name of Fuchka will be at the top. Many people like to eat this sour and salty food. There is no doubt about Fuchka’s popularity. Fuchka has another name. That is Golgappa. It is common in India. Hindi speakers call Fuchka as Golgappa. But by whatever name it is called, its popularity is everywhere.

Spicy food consumption patterns are not the same in all regions. The process of making it differs from region to region. Somewhere phuchka is made with vegetarian ingredients except onion. Let’s make fuchka with onion somewhere again. Besides, the process of making its chutney is also different.

Fuchka water is usually made with mint leaves, lemon, tamarind. It has potatoes as its filling. Potatoes are mashed with various delicious spices, chickpeas, peas. It is usually used as a filling. Many people prefer fresh watered phuchka. That is, sugar is also mixed with fuchka chutney. After making fuchka, boiled eggs are crushed in many places. Those who want extra zing add extra chilli flakes.

There is a question in the minds of many about where the Fuchka originated. According to Indian culinary expert Kurush Dalal, this popular delicacy was first introduced in North India. He says that this dish has evolved from Raj Kachuri.

In the 20th century, people in India began to travel from one region to another in search of livelihood. As a result, this food gradually spread to other regions. But fuchka does not taste the same everywhere. People of each region chose a flavor of their own and started making it that way. This is how Fuchka became popular