Family pressure to become a doctor, examinees make up false stories to pass

Candidate Humaira Islam Chhoya, who came under fire for allegedly tearing the OMR sheet in the MBBS admission test for the academic year 2023–24, had family pressure to become a doctor. And that is why he staged the story of tearing the OMR sheet in the admission test, said the investigation committee of the Department of Health and Education.

According to the report, there was no incident of the student tearing the OMR sheet during the examination. The girl’s complaint is completely false. At the same time, the student made up this false and conspiratorial story in the hope of getting admission.

On Monday, February 19, in a press conference at noon, Director General of the Department of Health Education Professor Dr. Titu Mia raised this report. Members of the investigation committee were present at the press conference. In addition, all the information was presented to the journalists at the event.

In the press conference, the investigation committee said that after reviewing the testimony given by the complainant, Humaira Islam Chowya, and her parents, it was clear that from the beginning, there was pressure on her to become a doctor from the family and society. Even the previous year, this student did not clear the exam. Besides, this year also did not pass.

Regarding the complaint, Professor Dr. Titu Mia said that after reviewing all the evidence and analyzing the data received, the investigation committee is convinced that all the allegations of the complainant are false, fabricated, baseless, and motivated. Despite failing the entrance exam in the 2022–23 academic year (test score of 27.25), the father lied on his mother’s advice.

He said that Humaira gave false assurance of getting admission to a government medical college with a better result or score in the academic year 2023–24. But in reality, answering the 57 questions in the exam will not get the desired result, and he blames his failure on the invigilator. At the same time, he concocted this false and conspiratorial story in the hope of getting admission.

The Director General of the Health Education Department also said that it is recommended to uncover whether the present government and the minister in charge of the health ministry have turned into a third-party conspiracy in an attempt to question a transparent and beautiful examination system in the continuation of the past years with the sincerity and tireless efforts of all.

He said for the family, parents should not put such pressure on their children.

According to the report, our investigation committee visited the Sherebangla Agricultural University Center (Sheikh Kamal Bhavan, 8th floor) in the capital based on the complaint of the student who complained. They also spoke to the student and his family. All in all, we have come to know that there was no incident of OMR sheet tearing on the exam day. The girl’s complaint is completely false.

During the medical admission test on February 9, a candidate named Humaira Islam Choya complained that an observer of the examination center tore the OMR sheet. The committee formed on February 13 conducted an investigation into this complaint.

Director (Planning and Development) of the Department of Health Education, Professor Kazi Afzalur Rahman, was the head of the committee. The other two members of the committee are Professor Kamrul Alam of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at Dhaka Medical College and Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Health. Kamal Hossain.