Candidates are happy to take the Chabir entrance exam in Rabi.

Chittagong University Graduate (Honours) Admission for the 2023–24 academic year has started today. The university has started conducting the 1st year admission test at the regional center for the first time this year.

Expressing satisfaction with such a decision, the candidates demanded that the examinations of other universities be conducted at the regional center as well. Students participating in the admission test on their own campus have to face various problems, including accommodation, food, and transportation.

It also has a major complaint about the results on the single merit list after the shift-based examination. The examinees and parents are hopeful that these problems have been solved by conducting the examination at the regional center. Last year, I went to Chittagong for the exam. I had to cover about 550 km. It took me about 14 hours.

This year, I gave the exam at the regional center. I am leaving my area within three hours. Here I suffer as it is reduced; I was able to use my time as well. Sourav Sarkar Joy from Gaibandha was saying this. He has come to the regional center,

Rajshahi University (RAB), to take the admission test for the 2023–24 academic year of Chittagong University (CHB). The talk is with another candidate, Sanjana Sultana Trina. He came from Gopalganj. He said there is a lot of incoordination in fixing the examination dates of our universities.

As a result, ordinary students have to be in danger. However, this year has been very good because of the examination at the regional center. I have given the CHBI exam center in Rajshahi. I will be able to pass two exams (Chabi and Rabi) at the same time. This will save money as well as reduce suffering. Criticizing the shift-based admission process and demanding regional examination centers for the rest of the university.

Abdullah Al-Siam said that in the past years, Chabir’s examination has been based on shifts. Many did not get the desired results. The holding capacity has increased due to testing at regional centers. And it is possible to get out of this shift-based approach. I hope there will be no complaints about the results.

We want the remaining universities to conduct the examinations in such regional centers. It is to be noted that 17792 students from about 20 districts in the North, West, and South-West regions of the country are taking the exam in this center of Rabir.