6 batches of the department are running with three teachers

Six batches of mass communication and journalism department are running in Barisal University with three teachers. As a result, students fear session jam. According to the work calculation policy of the University Grants Commission, the department should have more than 10 teachers at present. But so far only five teachers have been appointed in the department. Two out of five teachers are on study leave. In this, a teacher has to take an average of 6 to 8 lessons per semester. Even then, there is a shortage of teaching rooms. Six batches of examinations and teaching are held in one room.

A teacher in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism says that it is difficult to look at class, semester, mid, exam records and prepare exam result sheets. This situation is not only in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, but the same situation in other departments. However, the teacher shortage is the most pathetic situation. In the journalism department. Due to this, students are not able to attend classes, presentations, assignments and exams on time.

Meanwhile, due to the shortage of teachers, it is taking 5 to 6 months to give the results of the semester. Because, a number of teachers have to look at the books of many batches. Because of that, the next semester exam is also delayed.
In most of the departments in the university, the number of teachers is negligible compared to the requirement. On an average there is one teacher for 53 students. Where there are supposed to be 453 teachers in the organogram, there are 210 exempted by the University Grants Commission. Among them, 165 people are currently teaching. The rest of the teachers are on study leave to pursue higher degrees. Apart from the shortage of teachers, there is also a shortage of rooms. There is only one room for each department, that too orally. Many times teachers don’t even get their own seat. Five-six teachers have to sit in a pile in a small room.

Chairman and assistant professor of mass communication and journalism department Imran Hossain said that two out of five teachers in our department are on study leave. Now a teacher has to take an average of 8 course classes. This may increase the risk of session congestion for students. We have sent a letter asking for a teacher according to the work calculation policy but to no avail. Even if the university administration provides part-time teachers from outside for the time being, we can continue the academic activities well.

Associate Professor Dil Afroz Khanom, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, said that if there is such a problem in any department, then you can apply to the Dean’s office. Considering the matter, a proposal can be made in the meeting of the academic council and the appointment of part-time teachers can be resolved. he
Barisal University has 25 departments. The number of students is more than 10 thousand. As against 6 to 7 batches, there are four teachers in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department, six in Political Science, seven in Chemistry Department, four in Soil and Environmental Science Department, five in Coastal and Disaster Management Department, seven in Economics Department, six in Marketing Department, six in Public Administration Department and Four teachers in the history department. Many teachers are on leave to pursue higher education. As a result, the university is facing the threat of session jam. If there is no infrastructural development, there is a lot of frustration among the students, as there is a lot of frustration for session congestion. Students expressed their frustration through various social media channels. Many were seen talking about suicide or commenting that life is going to hell.

University Registrar Md Monirul Islam said, I joined a few days before the term of the Vice-Chancellor ended. I have written to the UGC after joining so that it can take immediate action regarding the recruitment of teachers. Another source says that a few days ago, they knew that the University Grants Commission (UGC) could give instructions or clearance for the appointment of 13 teachers in 13 departments.

Barisal University Vice-Chancellor (Routine Duties) Professor Dr. Mohammad Badruzzaman Bhuiyan said, “My main thing is to work with the students. The teacher is determined to eliminate the crisis.” Such measures will be taken so that the students do not have to face session jam.

According to the sources of the university departments, even though teachers have not been appointed for a long time, new batches are coming every year. In this, the teacher crisis has reached its peak. Meanwhile, students have to be given separate time to give guidance on other subjects including research. They are struggling with several academic activities including taking so many classes by one teacher, evaluating books. The departments are hopeful that the quality of education will increase if the shortage of teachers is removed.

When asked about the quality of education due to shortage of teachers, the former vice-chancellor of Dhaka University Professor AMS Arefin Siddique said that if there is a shortage of teachers in any university, it can affect not only the quality, but also the entire department. Removal steps should be taken. I think that the problem of the department will be solved if the number of those who are on educational leave is appointed.

At least two members of the Bangladesh University Grants Commission said that such complications have arisen in Barisal University due to application not following the load calculation policy for the appointment of teachers. They make the same mistake every time. After the amendment, the department has been allowed to recruit teachers in accordance with the policy. If they apply according to the load calculation policy, they will definitely get teachers.