Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Plans Were Leaked To Russia, Says Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, hinted on Sunday that Moscow had been privy to the plans for Kyiv’s eagerly anticipated counteroffensive from the previous year.

Fueled by billions of dollars in Western weapons, Ukraine’s counteroffensive in 2023 mainly failed, failing to breach numerous lines of Russian defenses and fortifications.

At a press conference on Sunday in Kiev, Zelensky stated, “Our counteroffensive action plans were on the Kremlin’s table before the counteroffensive actions began.”

Zelensky was referring to Moscow getting classified military planning material, his office later confirmed to AFP.

Zelensky withheld any further information regarding the disclosure.

In order to prevent a repeat, he continued, Kyiv was putting together “several” iterations of its battlefield plan for 2024.

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