Mirza Fakhrul driver of reckless politics: Obaidul Quader

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said that BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is a driver of reckless politics like a reckless car driver. He said, BNP wants to cause accidents in politics. They have this history in the past. They want to repeat this accident again and again. Besides, they have no other logistics to survive in politics.

He said these things in a press conference at the Awami League president’s office in Dhanmondi of the capital on Saturday (February 17).
Awami League doesn’t talk nonsense, Obaidul Quader said, referring to BNPE, who are bigger extremists than BNP in the country? Extremism in the country was born by BNP. Why doesn’t Mirza Fakhrul say today that extremism will continue in the country if they don’t follow their word? The government is self-sufficient.
Obaidul Quader said about BNP’s turnaround, we don’t know where BNP will turn around. I have heard this before. Which year will turn around? I have heard a lot of clever words of the movement. By repeatedly saying that, BNP leaders are belittling themselves to the people. The movement has no material issue in the country. They are looking for issues. People knowingly voted for Sheikh Hasina. In reality, the leaders of the party are giving these statements to strengthen their leaders and activists out of frustration and complacency.

He said, those who have blood stains on their hands in the politics of Bangladesh, who started the politics of murder conspiracy in this country, the most scandalous murder in the history of human civilization was on August 15, 1975, whose mastermind was General Ziaur Rahman with Khandaker Mostak. It is surprising that Awami League wants to impose new charges against those who are accused of them. November 3rd Jail killings, August 1st 2004 Terrorist attack on anti-terror rally kills 23. These murders were committed during the tenure of BNP. Then Mirza Fakhrul suddenly got a statement from where did Awami League start the politics of murder conspiracy? Udo’s Pindi is pressing on Budo’s neck. BNP themselves killed their own leader and put the blame on Awami League ahead of the election. They staged the play Judge Mia on August 1st. They have repeatedly staged such dramas to hide the real facts. Their misdeeds continue to blame others for their own actions. What Mirza Fakhrul is saying after coming out of jail is the echo of these dramas.

Regarding the shelling on the Myanmar border, the bridge minister said, what is needed there now is intelligent diplomacy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working under the direction of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Applying intelligence diplomacy for peace by observing the movements of all parties and avoiding war.

Awami League organizing secretary Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan, Sujit Roy Nandi, office secretary Barrister Biplab Barua and leaders of central Awami League and metropolitan Awami League were present.