Body Of Israeli Soldier Sergeant Oz Daniel Killed In October 7 Hamas Attack Held In Gaza: Army

The army and a campaign group reported on Sunday that an Israeli soldier who Hamas had captured during their operation on October 7 had been killed that same day, and his body was being held in Gaza.

Sergeant Oz Daniel, 19, was reported dead by the Israeli army; however, according to the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, his remains are being held in Palestinian land.

“Hamas continues to hold Oz’s body captive,” the forum declared in a statement.

According to the site, Daniel was a guitarist who “believed in the power of music to change the world.”

About 250 Israelis and tourists were kidnapped by a Palestinian organization on October 7th and taken to the Gaza Strip.

There are still about 130 people detained there. Thirty-one of them are thought to be deceased.