Trump’s chariot is running, angry voters despite Biden’s easy victory

US President Joe Biden won the Democratic presidential primary in Michigan on Tuesday. But there is evidence today that Biden’s blind support for Israel over the Gaza war is angering Democratic voters. Because, on this day, a significant number of voters voted ‘Uncommitted’ (not committed) in the ballot.

On the other hand, former President Donald Trump won the Republican presidential primaries by a wide margin. Controversial for various reasons and not very popular within the party, Trump’s triumphalism has so far been running at an unstoppable pace in the primaries and caucuses of various states as part of the process of selecting the Republican Party candidate in this election.

The rest of the major candidates have backed away from Trump’s popularity among Republican voters. Nikki Haley is the only survivor. who finished second in Michigan. However, easy victories for Biden and Trump in their respective parties’ primaries in Michigan were expected. Still, the counting of votes on Tuesday was watched closely.

Michigan is home to a large number of US citizens of Arab descent. Many of them oppose Biden’s policy on Gaza. Voters were urged to mark the “Uncommitted” section on ballots during Tuesday’s Democratic primaries in protest.

According to figures from Edison Research, more than 58,000 voters cast ‘uncommitted’ votes after almost half of the total votes were counted.