Mahi changed his name

 Dhallywood actress Mahia Mahi has changed her name after Kamruzzaman announced her separation from Sarkar Rakib.

After marrying Rakib, Mahi added her name Sarkar on her Facebook account. As a result Mahia Mahi became Mahia Mahi Sarkar. However, recently Mahi announced the separation. This time he deleted the former title from his name.

A few days ago, Mahia Mahi reported the house breaking. She said that she has decided to divorce her husband Rakib Sarkar.

In a video message at that time, he said, we both have taken this decision. We have a problem with some things. But Rakib is a very good person. I respect him. He is very caring. We are officially parting ways very soon. We will decide when and how it will happen together.

Then he said, you will pray for my son Farish. To make him a good person.

Incidentally, in 2016, Mahi married Sylhet businessman Parvez Mahmud Apu. After breaking up with him, she married Rakib Sarkar on 13 September 2021. Mahi decided to break up with him before two and a half years.