The United States has accused Iran of supporting the Houthis

The United States has accused Iran of supporting Houthi rebels’ attacks on international maritime trade routes. in addition, a US official alleged on Tuesday (February 27) that operatives of the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah are operating inside Yemen.

Middle East Special Envoy for Yemen, Tim Landerking, told a Senate subcommittee meeting, “Iran is helping the Houthis with training and weapons.” SA RESULTS: The Houthis are carrying out retaliatory attacks on ships and installations related to US and British interests in the Gulf of Aden.

Lenderking also said, “Reports from credible sources indicate that a significant number of Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters are supporting and helping the Houthis launch attacks from inside Yemen.” I can’t imagine how the people of Yemen support this. It must be stopped.’

“The Houthis Will Not Stop Their Attacks Until The War In Gaza Ends Or A Permanent Cease-Fire Is Implemented In Gaza,” Lenderking said.

Meanwhile, Chris Murphy, head of the US Senate Middle East Affairs Subcommittee, said, “I have doubts about the effectiveness of the way the United States and the United Kingdom are trying to deal with Yemen by forming a coalition in response to the Houthi attacks. .”

Yemen’s ruling Houthi group has previously confirmed the death of 17 of its soldiers in a Western coalition strike. In retaliation, ships sailing in the Red Sea with ties to Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom have been attacked, or forced to change routes.

Egypt said last week that this year’s Suez Canal revenue has fallen by almost 50 percent compared to previous years.

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