Saudi robot hands on women’s sensitive areas

Saudi Arabia has developed a male robot using its own technology. This robot named Mohammed was brought for the first exhibition on March 4. However, the robot created controversy and went viral on the first day by touching the sensitive area of ​​a female journalist.

In the viral video published on social media, it was seen that the female journalist was standing in front of the robot and doing live. At that time, the hand of the robot suddenly went up and touched the journalist’s body. The journalist was shocked by this.

When the video went viral on social media, controversy aroseSome say there was a technical error during the creation of the robot.

Many people made fun of it. An X user called the robot an ‘unlettered person’. Another said it was a ‘characterless’ robot. Another joked, ‘Who trained this robot for the show?

However, many people have also stood in favor of the robot. They said that this happened because of a technical error.

Many, however, suspect that whoever was operating the robot did so on purpose.

The country is working to compete with others in the artificial intelligence worldAs a part of this, this robot named Mohammed has been created by Saudi Arabia.