Gaza on the brink of famine

There have been several rounds of negotiations for a cease-fire agreement in Gaza. The meeting is still going on. In this regard, a senior leader of Hamas said that although there is no objection to the talks, they want a complete ceasefire as well as the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Gaza.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister of Israel Yehud Olmert warned the Netanyahu government on the issue of ground operation in Rafah. He warned that the consequences would be dire if Rafah, the last refuge of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, was attacked. Aljazeera news.

Gaza has now become a death camp in the Israeli occupation that has been going on for almost 5 months. The air of the valley is heavy with the cries of starving children. Along with that, the loss of life is increasing. A large part of them are children.

Meanwhile, Israel repeatedly rejected the cease-fire proposal and stopped the attack on Gaza forcefully. Whose current target is Rafa. Former Israeli Prime Minister Yehud Olmert has warned the Netanyahu government on the issue of ground operations in Rafah. If Rafa, the last refuge of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, is attacked, the consequences will be dire, he warned.

The former Israeli Prime Minister said that carrying out the operation in Rafah would mean breaking the barrier of patience of the people of the world.

Hospitals are being closed one after another due to continuous attacks by Israeli forces. All operations of Kamal Advan Hospital have also been stopped due to the recent energy crisis. 4 children died in the hospital due to malnutrition.

More than a quarter of Gaza’s water sources have been destroyed, according to FAO, the UN’s agricultural agency. 46 percent of cropland has been damaged. Necessary relief is not met due to energy crisis. Under such circumstances, one-fourth of the residents of besieged Gaza are on the brink of famine.

According to the United Nations, 360,000 buildings in Gaza have been completely or partially damaged. Many Palestinians have taken refuge in these abandoned buildings.

Meanwhile, the distance between the US and Israel on the issue of the two-state solution is gradually increasing. On Wednesday, Israel’s Energy Minister Eli Cohen rejected the proposal to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia on the condition of an independent Palestinian state.