Australia Severe fire in Residents are going to safe shelter

The southeast region of Australia is burning in intense fire. Authorities have ordered about 30,000 residents of several areas to evacuate to safe shelters on Wednesday due to the fear that the ongoing fire in the state of Victoria will spread further in a favorable environment.

The state of Victoria is facing its worst situation in four years. An ‘extreme fire rating’ has already been issued for a large part of the state. The worst situation is in the Wimmera region. A state of emergency has been declared, which is considered the highest level of alert.

Temperatures hit 45 degrees Celsius in Mildura, a remote town of about 56,000 residents.

“Today is a very difficult day for firefighters,” Victoria Fire Department Chief Jason Hefferner told. Today may be one of those days when local residents have to make quick decisions at short notice.”

Hundreds of firefighters are already battling a massive blaze near Ballarat, just 95 kilometers from Melbourne. The fire has been burning since last Thursday. Which has already engulfed six houses. Burned more than 20 thousand hectares of land, killing many livestock.

Intense sunlight, coupled with gusty winds are making the fire situation worse.

Haffernan urged local residents to reconsider their decision to stay to protect their homes from the blaze.

said, “If you don’t have proper preparation to protect your assets and proper equipment to fight fire. If you are not strong and don’t have the mental strength to fight the fire for a long time….then my strong advice to you is to move to a safe place as soon as possible.