12 killed Dozens injured in train crash in India

A terrible train accident took place at Kalajaria railway station in Jharkhand, India. At least 12 people were killed and dozens injured when a train ran under it at the station on Wednesday (February 28) evening.

It is known that after hearing the news of a fire in a train, the passengers of that train jumped on the railway line. Then another train ran over them. The exact number of people injured or killed is not yet known for sure. However, many people are feared to have been injured. News from ANI.

According to Times of India sources, at least 12 people were killed in the accident. However, other media did not specify the number of casualties. The injured have been rescued and admitted to different hospitals.

The dead and injured were passengers of Anga Express train from Bhagalpur to Bengaluru. These passengers jumped down on the railway tracks to save their lives after hearing rumors of a fire in the train. Meanwhile, another train hit them. Many people were cut by it.

Meanwhile, the railway and the local government have given conflicting information about the accident. The railways claimed in a statement that those killed were not passengers of the train. Even there was no fire incident in the train and two people were killed at a place 2 km away from where the Anga Express train stopped.

Local government officials, on the other hand, reported a major accident and said a major rescue operation was launched at the scene.