D. Woman dies during bungee jump in Korea

A woman died of a heart attack after falling from a bungee jumping platform in South Korea. According to The Independent, the accident happened on February 26.

The name of the woman who died has not been released. But his age is between 60 and 69 years old.

He fell eight meters from the platform onto the concrete floor. At that time, he attempted to bungee jump from a platform located at Starfield Anseong Mall in Gyeonggi Province.

Police in Gyeonggi-nambu province believe the bungee cord snapped due to a faulty carabiner. Police are still investigating the incident, and details are expected to emerge soon. The media also reported that the police are looking into whether the security measures have been implemented or not.

The woman was wearing safety equipment at the time of the accident. But a carabiner (a type of safety hook) was not secured. He was immediately taken to the hospital, and doctors tried to save him. But unfortunately, he did not survive. He was declared dead an hour after he fell.

Meanwhile, in December last year, a Japanese tourist died after jumping from one of the world’s highest bungee jump platforms in China. The tourist died a few hours after fainting. The 56-year-old tourist suffered breathing difficulties after jumping from the 764-foot-high Macau Tower in Macau Municipality.

Earlier in 2019, a man fell to the ground while bungee jumping from a height of 330 feet in Poland. The 39-year-old man suffered spinal injuries.