Shabnur suddenly returned to Australia, which was known

Shabnoor is a popular actress of the nineties in Bengali films. in numerous films. It is said that she is an impeccable heroine. However, this actress has been away from acting for a long timeA few days ago, he spread frenzy among fans with the news of his acting in three new films. The films are ‘Matal Hawa’,

‘Rangana’, and ‘Ekhno Samhom’Thus, the announcement of three movies at once did not turn out to be very positive for Shabnoor. There has been a lot of criticism after signing the contract at the cinema. Many of the directors commented that the return of Shabnoor was not right. It was necessary to return after losing fat and getting fit.Even though it was late, Shabnoor listened to all those words from the directors. Despite announcing three movies, Shabnoor could not start shooting for any of them.

He had to go back to Australia before that.Shabnoor went back to Australia without shooting any movies. Many people concerned said that if he can lose at least 15 kg, he will become suitable for the characters in the films. So Shabnur returned as soon as he got fit. But after leaving now, when will he return again? It is

unknown.Meanwhile, a person close to Shabnoor told the media that Shabnoor’s reason for going to Australia was to fit himself. Lose weight and get fit, then come back. Then start shootingIt was rumored late last year that a film would begin shooting in March. Chayanika Chowdhury, the director of the film, also wanted to shoot for a few days of ‘Matal Hawa’. Arafat Hossain said that he will shoot the film ‘Rangana’ in April. People related to these two films said that it is not possible to say when the shooting can start until Shabnoor gets fit again. All in all, a lot of buzz has been created about Shabnoor’s new three filmsShabnoor was last seen in 2015 in the movie ‘Pagal Manoosh’. After that, the popular star did not appear in any other movies. Although there was a temporary distance from the movies, the popularity of this actress did not decline a bit.