Who Putin wants to see as the President of the United States

The US presidential election is in November this year. Meanwhile, Putin said that the superpower Russia will work with whoever wins this election to become the next president of the United States.
On the other hand, in the United States, current President Joe Biden is contesting for his second term. Vladimir Putin has publicly opened up about Russia’s choice for the country’s next president. Putin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin prefers not Donald Trump but Biden as the next president of the United States.

Putin said Joe Biden is a man with a lot of experience, who can be understood. So I prefer Joe Biden to Donald Trump. However, he is willing to work with any US president.

Putin surprised many people by announcing his choice in an interview on television on Wednesday (February 14). The interview was conducted by Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin.
Pavel wants to know from Putin, who is better for Russia between Democrat Biden and Republican Trump? In response, Putin said without hesitation, Biden. He is a more experienced, predictable person. He is an old style politician. But we will work with any US president in whom the American people trust, Putin said with a little laugh.
Meanwhile, it is believed that Biden and Trump will face each other for the second time in the US presidential election in November 2024. There is currently a high level of political uncertainty in the United States. On the other hand, relations between the United States and Russia are now at rock bottom.
In such a context, the world’s most powerful president, Putin, made his first public comment about the upcoming US presidential election. However, it is highly likely that his comments will not be taken as sincere.
However, Putin did not praise Biden in the interview. Instead, Putin described President Biden’s condemnation of the war in Ukraine as “very harmful and wrong.”
Many are skeptical of Putin praising Biden like this and openly saying he prefers Biden to Trump. Some believe that Putin has started playing the word game again before the presidential election in the United States.
Meanwhile, Trump has recently come under fire for saying he would ‘encourage’ Russia to attack NATO countries that fail to pay their share of the US-led military alliance’s governance.
On the other hand, Trump was reluctant to criticize Putin when he was the US president. Trump recently said that he will encourage Russia to attack NATO member countries that fail to pay their contributions. In light of Trump’s views, many of his critics believe that he will favor Putin if he is elected US president.
It should be noted that in February 2022, Russia started a military invasion of Ukraine. In response, the United States is leading a series of Western actions against the country. These measures include the expansion of the military alliance NATO, the imposition of sanctions on Moscow, and the support of Kiev with large sums of money and weapons.

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