BNP is not a political party, anti-independence group: Sheikh Salim


Awami League Presidium member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Salim said BNP is not a political party. They are militant-terrorist, anti-independence groups. They have no right to do politics in this country. They do not respect the constitution. Those who don’t respect the constitution and elections, what politics will they do again?

Sheikh Salim said these things while participating in the discussion of the motion of thanks on the President’s speech in the National Parliament on Monday.

Sheikh Salim said, BNP-Jamaat is the enemy of the state, the enemy of freedom and democracy. We demand ban on BNP-Jamaat politics.

Drawing the attention of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, this Awami League leader said that Bangabandhu banned the politics of anti-independence in this country. As a daughter of Bangabandhu, only you can do it. Bangabandhu’s soul will rest in peace if BNP-Jamaat is banned.

Sheikh Salim said, to save the independence of Bangladesh and the country, everyone must be united. I am making this demand so that no anti-independence forces can do politics in Bangladesh. They should be banned.

Proposing the formation of a commission to look for those behind the assassination of Bangabandhu, Sheikh Salim said that those who were behind it will come out.

Mentioning that the conspiracy against the country is still continuing, he said that Khaleda Zia’s son Tariq Rahman sat in London and held a meeting with Daus Ibrahim, the world’s biggest terrorist. It is conspiring to stop the continuous flow of development.

He said, after independence, when Bangabandhu advanced on the path of economic liberation, the ultra-revolutionary, counter-revolutionary, conspiracy against independence started. International conspirators were involved in this.

He also said that Zia was an ISI agent. Zia was born in Pakistan. He also studied in Pakistan. Zia was posted to Bangladesh as an ISI agent during the Agartala conspiracy case in 1969.

BNP-Jamaat started sabotage one after another to stop the election of January 7. Sitting in London, Tarek Zia called for non-cooperation movement. The people answered it in the January 7 election.

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