Bangladeshi youth killed in US police shooting

A young Bangladeshi named Win Rosario (22) was killed by the police in New York, USA.

The young man was shot by the police at his home in Woz Park. After being taken to the hospital, the doctor declared him dead. The victim’s father alleged that his innocent son was killed by the police.

According to a report by the American media, CBS News, the police said that they received a call from the 911 number around noon on Wednesday. The young man said he was mentally unbalanced. He wants to end mental illness through his own death.

Police went to the home on 103rd Street at 101st Avenue in Ozone Park after receiving a phone call. They found him inside on the second floor of the house. Later, I tried to take him into custody. At that time, the young man attacked the policemen with the scissors in his hand, and the policemen shot him in self-defense.

In this incident, the Chief of Patrol of the New York Police Department, John Chell, said that the young man was coming towards the policemen with the scissors in his hand. Because of this, he was shot. He was later taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Francis Rosario, the father of the victim, told the media that my son is mentally unstable, as he himself said. So why should he be shot? He accused the police of murder. However, the police claimed that the deceased youth was a drug addict and mentally disturbed.

Francis Rosario said their family immigrated to New York from Bangladesh 10 years ago. Her son, Win Rosario, was also briefly hospitalized last year with mental health issues.