The tank was driven over the body

The Israeli soldiers are running a terrible rampage in Al-Shifa Hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip. There have been allegations of tanks running over bodies. The occupation forces have been conducting military operations and attacks on this hospital, the largest in northern Gaza, since last week. Israeli hyenas are shooting indiscriminately at hundreds of patients and thousands of people seeking shelter there. A Palestinian female witness said Israeli soldiers were raping women before killing them at Shifa Hospital. This time there is a complaint of running the tank over the dead body. Palestinians fleeing al-Shifa said Israeli tanks and armored bulldozers ran over at least four bodies and an ambulance. Israelis are becoming more violent with time. The Palestinian Red Crescent said its medical team members were trapped there due to heavy shelling. About 1,000 people were taken from the hospital by the Israeli army. The treatment of the injured in the hospital is severely disrupted.
Israel says it has killed dozens of Hamas fighters and arrested 450 in a week-long operation in and around al-Shifa hospital. Israel claims that Hamas has weapons and positions in the region. Although they could not provide any evidence in favor of it