Messi said when he will retire

Argentina’s World Cup-winning captain, Lionel Messi, is at the end of his career. This football wizard will be 37 years old next June. Even in the last period, he retained his power.

Recently, Messi spoke on MBC’s ‘Big Time Podcast’. He also talks about his future there. When he has nothing more to give to football, he will end his career. This is how Messi will think about retirement.

He said, ‘I know what that moment will be like when I feel I can no longer perform. I will understand that I am not enjoying myself, that I am not able to help my teammates, and then make a decision.

Messi said, “I am very self-critical. I know when I’m good, when I’m bad, when I’m playing well, when I’m playing badly, and when I feel it’s time to make a move, I’ll take it regardless of age. When I feel good, I always want to compete. Because that’s what I love and know how to do it.’
He has achieved almost everything in football in his career. He is brilliant in everything, from international titles to his club career. In 2022, Messi won the only and third World Cup of his career. However, Messi said that if he could not do well in the World Cup in Qatar, he would end his international career there.
He said, “If everything had not gone well in the World Cup in Qatar, then I would have withdrawn from the national team.”

This football wizard said, I have had the good fortune to achieve everything and fulfill my dreams in terms of my sports career. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more as a professional footballer and in my personal life, with family and friends. What God has given me is a lot, and I always try to enjoy it.