Amir of Qatar is coming to Bangladesh in April

Amir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani will visit Bangladesh at the end of April. Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bangladesh Embassy in Qatar have confirmed this information.

According to the sources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an inter-ministerial meeting has already been held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the preparation of Amir’s visit. According to sources, various bilateral issues including energy security, labor market, foreign investment will be discussed during the visit.

Earlier last year, Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Minerals Corporation (Petrobangla) and Qatar Energy’s LNG trading arm signed a long-term agreement at Qatar Energy’s headquarters in Doha to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Qatar at a rate of 1.8 million metric tons (MMT) per year for up to 15 years. The contract is signed.

According to the agreement, Bangladesh will receive an additional 1.8 MMT of LNG every year, starting in 2026.

Most of Bangladesh’s energy needs are met from Qatar Those concerned are looking at the possibility of implementing a long-term contract to import LNG during the visit of the Emir of Qatar to Bangladesh.

About 400,000 Bangladeshis are living in the Middle Eastern country in search of livelihood. The news of Amir’s visit is also creating a kind of relief among the residents. Expatriates think that through this visit, the possibility of new Bangladeshi labor market will increase in the country.

In this regard, expatriates said, since Amir will go to Bangladesh, he will definitely meet and talk with the Prime Minister. We want to discuss our needs, daily problems