Heavy traffic jam on Dhaka-Chittagong highway, suffering

Traffic jam has occurred in Narayanganj section of Dhaka-Chittagong highway. After the road accident on the Chittagong-bound lane in Kanchpur area at 2 am on Thursday, there was a severe traffic jam for 6 and a half kilometers from Shimrail intersection of Siddhirganj to Madanpur part of the port. The passengers have suffered greatly.

As of writing this report at 10 am on Friday, although there is currently no heavy traffic at Shimrail intersection, there is a lot of traffic from Kanchpur to Madanpur. As a result, vehicles are moving in this section. Earlier on Thursday (February 15) in the night before the day, severe traffic congestion could be observed on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

A passenger named Alamgir said, I left for Comilla in the morning to see patients in the hospital. But due to traffic jam, even though I reached Kanchpur with great difficulty from Shimrail junction, I can’t go forward anymore. I don’t know when the traffic jam will end. Another motorcyclist named Al Amin said, I went to Chittagong for the purpose of travel. But I am still stuck in Madanpur jam. Before this, I came here from Shimrail with much difficulty. I am happy if I can go the rest of the way with ease.
TI AKM Sharfuddin of Shimrail Camp of Kanchpur Highway Police Station said that this traffic jam was created after a road accident last night. But since night we are working to keep traffic normal. At present there is not much traffic at Shimrail Junction. There is some traffic pressure towards Kanchpur.

Kanchpur Highway Police Station OC Rezaul Haque said that there is heavy traffic on the highway since Thursday afternoon. However, even though there is no traffic jam anywhere on the highway, due to the delay in collecting the toll at the toll plaza, the pressure of vehicles has moved to the Chaitri Garment area. Hopefully, the situation will be normal by noon. We are working to keep traffic normal.