Shahrukh is not going to Hollywood for height!

Shah Rukh Khan is the king of romantic movies.

Despite getting stardom in Bollywood, this superstar is not seen in Hollywood. Shahrukh recently spoke about this at an event in Dubai. In ‘The Making of a Star: Conversations with Shah Rukh Khan’ session, the actor joked, ‘I’m James Bond’ when asked for his name.

The director then asked him, ‘Would you do it if given the chance to act as Bond?’ The actor replied, ‘I want to do it, but I think my height is too short; But my skin color is brown, because of that I can act as a James Bond villain.’ He was told, why did not act in Hollywood? The actor said, I know many people from the film industry in the United States and the United Kingdom. But no one ever offered me a job. I was offered the role of a game show host in ‘Slamdog Millionaire’, which I thought was too light.

However, Danny Boyle’s ‘ Slay Madog Millionaire’ , which was released in 2008, won eight Oscars.