‘Love marriage’ is increasing marital strife

The Allahabad High Court of India has commented that marital strife is increasing due to love marriages. At the same time, the court also said the need to reform the Hindu Marriage Act.

The Indian media India Today reported that the division bench of Justice Vivek Kumar Birla and Justice Donadi Ramesh of the Allahabad High Court made these comments while granting the divorce petition of a young man on Saturday. At this time they also requested the government to amend the Hindu Marriage Act.

During the hearing, the bench further said that the marital status of Indian society is not what it was when the Hindu Marriage Act was enacted in 1955. Those emotions, feelings and respect have changed. Now love marriage is very easy, which was not before. Society is now more free and independent than ever before. So the law needs to be reformed with time.

However, the division bench of Justice Vivek Kumar Birla and Justice Donadi Ramesh also observed that marital discord has increased in Indian society due to love marriages. This bench of judges said that those marriages which are done through love, the marital relationship gets relaxed at a stage, various kinds of disputes arise and finally they start living apart.

The court observes that this change in marriage has been influenced by education, economic freedom, breaking of caste barriers, modernity and penetration of western culture. Society has now become more liberal, independent. That’s why marriage doesn’t require as much emotion as it used to. Some of these issues are currently affecting married life. Therefore, it is necessary to change the law in accordance with the current situation.