UGC calls for cooperation in establishing good governance in universities

University Grants Commission Chairman (Additional Duty) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Alamgir.

He said that if any crisis occurs in the university, UGC as a supervisory institution tries to solve the problem. The reality is that UGC alone cannot solve all the problems. Cooperation of concerned stakeholders is required to stop irregularities, harassment and unethical activities in higher education institutions.

He said this at the stakeholders’ meeting on Tuesday (February 20) aimed at implementing UGC’s action plan for the fiscal year 2023-24.
Professor Alamgir said, to solve the crisis in the country’s higher education system, transparency should be maintained in the appointment of teachers, officers and employees and qualified people should be appointed.

Besides, not admitting more students than capacity in the university, ensuring 100% accommodation of students, banning non-students from sitting in halls, ensuring real student representation, strongly dealing with external influences, developing research culture, university authorities to develop academic and infrastructure as per master plan.

He advises.
Regarding sexual harassment, he said, appropriate measures are not taken against sexual harassment in the university. Because of this it is not possible to close it. Complaints of torture and harassment should be taken into consideration and effective action should be taken quickly.

UGC Secretary Dr. Ferdous Zaman chaired the event, director of the IMCT department of the commission. Sultan Mahmud Bhuiyan delivered the welcome address. Deputy Secretary of UGC and Focal Point of Ethics Committee. UGC, various universities and media representatives participated in the meeting chaired by Asaduzzaman.