A fake bomb at the airport to stop my brother-in-law

A Bangladeshi has been accused of spreading bomb threats at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

He has already been arrested for allegedly sending a fake email containing explosives to the airport on a Delhi-Kolkata flight.

The 29-year-old Bangladeshi national lied to his wife and committed the crime out of fear of being caught.

Police said the Bangladeshi, identified as Mohammad Nazrul Islam, had sent a fake email to cancel the flight.

Delhi Police Deputy Commissioner Usha Rangnani said, “On February 27, a complaint was received from the security officer of Delhi International Airport Limited to the Indira Gandhi International Airport police station.

It is said there that someone is carrying explosives on the SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Kolkata, and every bag and luggage is checked.’ The Delhi Police’s Cyber Crime Wing and Special Task Force started an investigation after this incident. After that, the main story came out.

In 2023, Nazrul married a woman named Sonia from New Delhi, India. He developed a relationship with the woman during his post-graduation at a university in Punjab.

Nazrul returned to Bangladesh in 2020 after completing his Masters, but they kept in touch through social media. Later, they got married, but he lied to Sonia that he was involved in research work in the US.

In fact, he was not involved in any research work in the United States.

After marriage, Nazrul’s wife Sonia repeatedly talked about taking him to the United States, but Nazrul started avoiding the matter.

He told his wife that he could not return to the United States due to the ongoing farmers’ movement in Delhi. Stuck in Kolkata. When in doubt, Sonia decided to send her brother to Calcutta.

Meanwhile, Nazrul decided to stop his brother-in-law at the Delhi airport after learning about the matter. Then on February 27, Nazrul sent a fake email to the Delhi Airport Authority saying that a passenger was carrying a bomb on the SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Kolkata.

This caused the bomb threat to spread throughout the airport. He was arrested after this incident.

According to the police, Nazrul had been staying in a hotel in Kolkata’s Newmarket for more than a month.

There are allegations against him of lying to his wife and cheating for around 50 lakh rupees in Bangladesh. That is why he was hiding in Kolkata, he said during the interrogation.