Whose neck is Sohini wearing a garland after the end of 4 years of relationship?

Love, marriage between stars in Tollywood is nothing new. Many star couples have also walked on the path of breaking up that love and marriage. One such popular pair of this industry Sohini Sarkar and Ranjoy Vishnu were considered as couple goal. It is heard that the two used to live in at one time. But that love did not last. After a long 4-year relationship, they suddenly separated. Now there are rumors of Sara getting engaged with her new boyfriend.

Rumors about actress Sohini’s new love have been rife for months. Which is now an open secret of Tolipara. Even netizens are thinking that Sohini has secretly married singer Shobhan.

According to the Indian media Hindustan Times, this year they spent Valentine’s Day covered in Sweden’s ice sheets. Sobhan-Sohini went to visit the land of ice, that was hinted on social media. Shobhan also posted a picture there. But after 10 minutes he deleted it again.

In the meantime, Shobhan’s new reel video. In it, Sobhan is standing on a snowy mountain in Sweden and singing, ‘Zindegi aur kuchhvi nehi teri meri kahani hai’. Shobhan’s melodious voice was so mind-blowing, his right hand’s fingers drew his eyes. There is a golden ring shining. Now you may think it’s a common thing, many people wear rings! But no, those who know Shobhan well know that the singer never wore rings on both hands. Did Shobhan get engaged to Sohini while traveling abroad?

Shobhan’s love life is also not less discussed. Love with older Eamon did not last, sometimes he gave his heart to actress Swastika Dutt. But that love story did not end. In the middle of 2023, the news of the break-up of the two became public. Although Swastika said that their minds have separated long ago. After that, Sohini started a relationship with the government