What happened suddenly to Hrithik!

Hrithik Roshan starrer ‘Fighter’ released recently. ‘Aerial action’ came to India for the first time through this film. He has worked hard for this film for the past two years. Spent hours in the gym to get the body in a certain shape. He brought eating and drinking completely under control. Since the release of the film, the actor has not been seen in front of the camera.
On Wednesday (February 18), the actor shared his picture. It is seen there, walking with the help of crutches. Messy hair, cheeky beard, wears half pants. Two-handed crutches.

A few days ago, the actor pulled a muscle, he was slightly injured. As a result, it is difficult to return to walking. Can’t even walk like that. But don’t use crutches just because you’re a star, not like that. Rather, he is resorting to crutches to recover.

Hrithik said in his tough times, men often don’t think about their health while trying to look tough. He mentioned his grandfather and father as examples.

Hrithik wrote in his post, I don’t know how many of you have experience of sitting in a wheelchair or walking with crutches. I saw my grandmother. There is physical pain. Don’t sit in a wheelchair though. Because, it will reveal his weakness. I also saw my father, to be a kind of insistence. But, actually strength is what teaches you to be easy without any other worries. If we think against this image that men are always difficult, our own suffering will be eased.

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