Srijit brought the snake home from Colombia named it

A python snake was found in the house of Srijit Mukherjee, the popular film director, actor, screenwriter of Upper Bengal! How does this terrible creature of the jungle live in a house in the populous and brick city of Kolkata? No ordinary snake; Really Python!

It was learned that the snake was brought by Srijit himself. Everyone brings dogs-ducks-rabbits or different kinds of birds as pets at home. But Srijit brought Python!

The maker said that in a Facebook post. Ulupi has already named the snake.

Srijit wrote, ‘Welcome to Ulupi’s home. Our lives changed forever.’

Kolkata’s Anandabazar newspaper reported that Srijit brought this python from distant Colombia. Why Srijit named the snake ‘Uloopi’.

It is known that in Mahabharata, Vishnu Purana and Bhagwat Purana, there is mention of the dragoness Ulupi. It is said that Ulupi got married to Arjuna while in exile. And Srijit gave the name of that character to his pet Python. But for now, the makers are not releasing the picture of the snake.

When many people wanted to see the comment box of the post, he jokingly replied, ‘It is not right to give pictures of children. Let it be a little bigger, Dev. The question of many people is why should a terrible snake be kept at home?

Srijit’s reply, ‘Python is a very calm animal. I can handle snakebites from a very young age. I have no fear. Rather, there is a lot of superstition about snakes in this subcontinent. I don’t like them. ’

Meanwhile, the question has arisen, has Srijit broken the law by feeding the snake? Because according to the Indian Wildlife Conservation Act of 1972, it is illegal to catch, kill or use any parts of snakes in the country. Especially if you catch, kill or house a python without permission, you can be jailed for up to 10 years and fined.

The process of importing a snake from abroad and keeping it as a pet at home is also quite difficult.

State Forest Department Special Duty Officer Kalyan Das told Anandabazar Online, “The Government of India has specific regulations regarding the export or import of any animal from the country. After obtaining the permission, permission should also be obtained from the Chief Warden of the Forest Department of the State in which the snake is brought. Otherwise it is illegal.It is heard that Srijit has already taken the necessary permissions.

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