Trade basket with France-Germany to be further expanded: Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister Dr. Hashan Mahmud said that the second largest export market of Bangladesh is Germany. France is also a major contributor to our garment trade. The trade basket with the two countries will be further expanded. This has been discussed.

He said this after a courtesy meeting with French Ambassador Marie Masdupoui and German Ambassador Achim Troster on Thursday.

The foreign minister said that France and Germany are important development partners of Bangladesh. France and Germany were among the few countries that recognized us soon after independence. The government is working to deepen Bangladesh’s relations with these two countries.

He also said that the purchase of Airbus was discussed during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Dhaka. In the future, considering the economic context, Bangladesh will take initiative to buy Airbus from France. Besides, France wants to be with Bangladesh in the management of Bangabandhu Satellite-2. In this regard, a memorandum of understanding was signed during the visit of the French President to Dhaka. However, there is no final agreement on this yet.

The President of France and the German Chancellor sent congratulatory messages to Sheikh Hasina for being re-elected as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The message was officially handed over to the foreign minister by the ambassadors of the two countries.