Bangladeshi heritage and culture showcased in multicultural festival


The traditions and culture of Bangladesh have been displayed in the national multicultural festival of that country for three days in Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Expatriate Bangladeshis, members of the Bangladesh High Commission and their family members participated in the procession of this multicultural festival organized by the Bangladesh High Commission.

Apart from this, various cultural activities of the country including charming dance and Bengali music performance were presented in the cultural program. Bangladesh High Commissioner M Allama Siddiqui said that it will be possible to introduce Bangladesh to the world by highlighting the country’s rich heritage.

Bangabandhu, Bangladesh’s tradition, culture and religion were recently presented at the stall allotted to the Bangladesh High Commission in this festival. The stall also displays various handicraft items of Bangladesh culture, tourism, jute and textile industries. Besides, videos of various developmental activities including natural beauty, historical sights of Bangladesh are shown. During this time, traditional food of the country was served to the visitors.

A multicultural festival is organized in Canberra every February. This three-day festival is being held from February 16 to February 18 this year. With the participation of 350 community-based groups and the involvement of diplomatic missions from 71 countries, the festival has become a multi-ethnic and cultural gathering that attracts around two lakh people