Paolo Bonolis Bids Farewell to ‘Ciao Darwin

Italians, the forgotten people, who live in the past, unhappy with the present but still without a future. For the last time, good evening.With his unmistakable style and welcomed by a euphoria from the public, Paolo Bonolis presented the last episode of Ciao Darwin yesterday, February 23. The last three hours of a broadcast that is often the focus of criticism and controversy, praised or condemned, divisive, controversial. But he made the history of Italian television, photographing society and its excesses

At Titanus Ilios Production Center in Rome, 25 years of entertainment screen, with a challenge between the program’s past and present. “Today we celebrate what was once the opposite of what is today, in a strange competition that will lead us to a single, inevitable conclusion: nothing in the world makes sense – began the host, ironically -. On the one hand, today’s CO Darwin, the present of this unfortunate broadcast. Ciao Darwin Story, on the other hand, is the worst of the worst of past editions, who have carved their names on the tombstones of Italian TV. Captains of both teams: Alex Bailey and Daniela Martani

So, on to the last episode. Also because, at the end of the season’s recording, Bonolis had already announced that the program would end. New chapter of life is coming for him, new excitement. “This is the latest version. I thank you for providing all the necessary weapons so that everything goes well. Hard things happen in life, bad things that we tend to forget. Instead, let’s remember the good ones. It means that I will always remember you,” he declared. In short, the end of an era.

More of a recap than a long-running event, there was also room for goodwill yesterday. The host wanted to reserve something special for his daughter: “Hi Silvia, hello my love”, he said, addressing the twenty-one-year-old, sitting in the audience with his mother Sonia Bruganelli. A plunge into the past. And especially in person. A public display of love for the girl, about which Bonolis always spoke with great discretion. Since birth, Sylvia has suffered from neurological problems due to cardiac problems

And, despite disagreements in the relationship – so much so that they announced the end of the marriage within weeks of recording -, Bonolis and Bruganelli have always put their daughter’s well-being before any disagreements. “Sylvia has health problems, the problem remains even at 18 years old, but it is easy to deal with her smile – the words of the presenter Ciao Darwin in an interview a few years ago -. She underwent heart surgery at birth. There were problems after the surgery and some growth retardation. It happenedI love him like my other children.”