Message conveyed by Mahi through her video with Rakib

Mahiya Mahi is a popular actress in Dhallywood films. On February 16, she announced her separation in a video message. However, the actress did not reveal the reason for her separation with her husband Rakib Sarkar.

After announcing her separation, she has been posting on Facebook from time to time. However, Mahi posted a video of her with her husband Rakib early on Sunday (March 3).

She wrote in the caption: “It’s over between us and I don’t want you back in my life.” This love will be part of our story . It will stay in your memory until you die. At the end, the actress added a heartbroken emoji.

In her video, Mahi is seen riding a bike with her husband on the beach.

Meanwhile, Rakib Sarkar spoke to the media about the breakup. He said that he started living separately from June of last year. Mahi and I lived separately in a house in Uttara.

He explained the reason. Mahi was upset by a text from his family on my phone. He then moved from my house to his mother’s house.

He also said that after Mahi left the house, he tried many times to bring her back but failed. Once, I myself went to her mother’s house with Mahi. Her two family members also failed to convince Mahi. Once you understand it, you can reverse it next time. Incidentally,

Mahi married Rakib Sarkar, a businessman from Ghazipur, on September 13, 2021. This is actress Mahi’s second marriage. The couple gave birth to a son on March 28, 2023.