Mehjabin gave great news on the 14th anniversary of his career

Busy small screen and OTT actress Mehjabin Chowdhury was surrounded by questions, when is this actress coming to cinema. Finally the wait is over. Mehzabeen announced her first movie on the 14th anniversary of her acting career.

That is, 14 years ago on February 21, he made his debut in drama. And after 14 years, Mehzabeen officially announced his first movie today. The name of his first movie is ‘Saba’. Directed by Maksud Hossain.

Mehjabin wrote on Facebook, “February 21 is International Mother Language Day. My acting journey in TV dramas started on this day 14 years ago with humble respect to language martyrs. And today on this special day, I want to share a special news with my well-wishers, friends, I am going to make my debut in a full-length film on the big screen this year.

Mehjabeen also wrote, ‘We completed the work of this film at the beginning of 2023. “Saba” means morning, gentle morning breeze; I hope that the morning of my film life will be filled with genuine love. The story, the characters, the director’s production, the opportunity to act with talented actors and talented behind-the-scenes crew – all in all, ‘Saba’ will always be a special name in my life.”

Only Mehzabeen was seen in the poster of ‘Saba’. Rokeya Prachi and Mustafa Manwar also acted in this movie. Regarding the movie, director Maksud Hossain said that after the shooting, the post-production work of the movie has also been completed recently. Now he wants to move towards the international premiere and marketing of the movie.

He said, “This is the story of our country. We want to take the story to a larger audience. I want to take the story to a large number of viewers not only outside the country, but also within the country. “Saba” will speak for everyone. As there is a human story in the movie, so many issues of love and sense of life have come up here