‘KGF’ hero buys in tong shop

South star Yash reached the peak of success with the movie ‘KGF’. The heartthrob hero roams the streets and shops at thong shops, surprisingly, he does the same with his wife.


Yash’s real name is Naveen Kumar Gowda. From his ‘KGF’, ‘KGF 2’ was a huge success. He was not seen on the screen after that. However, leaving behind all speculations, he is playing ‘Ravana’ in Nitish Tiwari’s ‘Ramayan’. Yash has finalized this news amid tension in the decision. Yash has asked for a fee of Rs 150 crore for the role of ‘Raavan’.

It is known that Yash has recently returned home after a vacation in Italy with his wife Radhika. The southern star also posted a picture of his foreign trip with his wife. But this time Yash was seen in a completely different role. The ‘KGF’ star buys chocolate from a local shop in Karnataka. His wife Radhika is also with him.


Pictures of buying chocolates from the local Tong shop there have spread on social media. Fans have praised the beloved hero. Heavyweight hero in this store again? Many cannot believe it.