Joyer’s Writ: High Court bans use of elephants in extortion

Actress Joya Ahsan petitioned the High Court to stop the use of elephants in various entertainment activities such as elephant circus, elephant rides, wedding house decoration, commercial and political organization rallies and advertisements. This time, the High Court has suspended the process of giving licenses to private owners.

On Sunday (February 25), the High Court bench comprising Justice Naima Haider and Justice Kazi Zeenat Haque gave the order. At the same time, the rule has been issued seeking to know why the inaction of the authorities to prevent torture and cruelty to elephants will not be illegal and why the private ownership of elephants for recreational use and license renewal will not be illegal.

Lawyer Barrister Shakib heard on behalf of the writ in the court. Actress Jaya Ahsan filed the writ on February 18.

At that time, lawyer Barrister Sakib Mahbub said, the organization has been giving various programs for several years to demand that the training of captive elephants in Bangladesh be stopped through inhumane torture, the use of elephants for entertainment purposes and the extortion of elephants should be stopped. Animal rights activists surrounded the forest building twice.

He also said that at that time various promises were made by the forest department, but no fruitful role was observed. Although letters have been sent time and time again to take action regarding the abused elephants, no proper response has come from the department. Due to this writ has been filed.