Bare body jump in the swimming pool full moon, everything was seen

Actress and model Dilara Hanif Rita Poornima went down in the swimming pool wearing a black t-shirt. Drunk heroine in the swimming pool at noon. Caught in a warm pose. His new film is practiced in the net worldPoornima shared a bunch of her pictures on photo sharing app Instagram on Tuesday. And that’s what social media is all about.

In those pictures, Purnima is seen drowning in the blue water of the swimming pool. Sometimes the eyes, sometimes the whole face is taken out and looking at the camera. However, he has not caught the pose completely yet.

Meanwhile, Purnima has been irregular in acting for many days. If you like the story and the character, you work only then. He started to return to work again. This star spent the break of work with a new advertisement. Amitabh also recently acted in Razer’s web series ‘Munsigiri’. He will appear in a completely new form.

Meanwhile, Poornima has Naeem Imtiaz Neyamul’s films ‘Gangchil’ and ‘Jam’ in her hands. Its work was stopped due to Corona. However, Purnima has started shooting for the movie ‘Gangchil’. He is working on some remaining patchwork.

Apart from this, Poornima has been elected as a member of the Film Artist Welfare Trustee Board. Film artists are in trouble. Purnima is happy to be united with them at this time.