DRS Controversy Again in Indian Cricket

Modern cricket cannot be imagined without technology. There is more competition in franchise-based cricket; who will use more technology than whom? New technologies can be added to it. Among these technologies is the Decision Review System (DRS). However, complaints are being raised one after another using this technology.

A few days ago, there was a scandal about DRS in the Pakistan Super League. Later, management company Haque I apologized for their mistake. After that, the controversy started over the dismissal of England batsman Joe Root in the ongoing Test series in India. The DRS controversy happened again in Indian cricket.

Yesterday, the UP Warriors and Royal Challengers faced each other in the women’s IPL match. In this match, a question has been raised about whether the replay of the correct ball was shown during the DRS or not.

UP captain Alyssa Healy was surprised by her team’s decision to send out Manmari Atapatu. Batting first, Bengaluru scored 198 runs.

Atapatu wants to sweep Georgia Wareham’s ball in the eighth over in a run chase. The ball misses the line and hits the leg of the batter. The field umpire did not respond to the appeal of the fielding team. Bengaluru captain Smriti Mandhana took the review. With the help of technology, it can be seen that the ball did not hit the bat.

The review also shows that the ball hit the wicket. The television umpire asked the field umpire to change the decision.

The batsman could not believe that the ball would have hit the wicket. A look of disbelief can be seen on the UP captain’s face. The ball was in line with the leg stump; the ball was going towards the leg stump, but the review showed that the ball was going towards the middle stump from the leg stump. Captain Healy kept shaking his head as the third umpire gave him out. ‘It can’t be,’ he shouted. Many people are asking the question here: How can there be so many mistakes in technology? Clearly, a replay of the complete wrong ball was shown.

After scoring 199 runs in 20 overs, UP’s innings stopped at 175 runs. Healy-Atapatud lost the DRS debate match by 23 runs.