Anupam is getting married, who is the bride?

West Bengal’s popular singer Anupam Roy is starting a new life. He will build a house with a singer from Tolipara.

Anupam will register and get married in the presence of family and close relatives on March 2. Anupam himself told Anandabazar newspaper of West Bengal about the marriage.

Prasmita Pal is the singer of Patri Tolipara. However, the singer objected to a very big event.

Who will be from Tolipara Anupam-Prasmita’s wedding? The singer is not going to talk about all that now. Anupam said, “Patri Prasmita. Let’s see what happens! I’m getting married because I’m hopeful.” Prasmita and Anupam sang the song ‘Tomaye ne kabho hok’ together in the film ‘Highway’. Apart from this, Prasmita’s songs ‘Sajna’ or ‘Hete Naa’ are very popular.

Earlier, Anupam got married to Pia Chakraborty in 2015. After about six years of marriage, they announced their separation. Peer became friends with Anupam while studying in college. This friendship later turns into love. After that he decided to get married. On that day, Anupam had his first breakup. There was no change in Anupam’s professional life or personal life after his marriage with Peera. Anupam has sung and composed music in several popular films. A book of poetry has been published. On the other hand, Pia involved herself in various social activities along with her studies. Peer even released an album of Rabindranath’s song singles under Anupam’s direction. Anupam broke up in 2021. After a couple of years, Pia got married again. Patra Parambrata Chatterjee.

Now Anupam is going to start a new life.