Another 63 members of various forces of Myanmar are in Bangladesh

Another 63 members of various forces of the Myanmar junta government entered Bangladesh in the civil war with internal rebel groups. As a result, the number of infiltrating members has reached 327. However, these members have been disarmed and kept in the custody of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB).

BGB Public Relations Officer Shariful Islam confirmed the matter on Wednesday (February 7) afternoon. He said that among those who fled, there are the Border Guard Police (BGP), army, police, immigration personnel and civilians. They entered through the Huaikung border at Teknaf.

Earlier, the number of BGP members who took refuge in Bangladesh at various times was 113. After receiving two more, the number becomes 115. Then another 114 people entered together. The total number stands at 229 people. Later, this number stands at 327 with the members of various forces of the Junta government who took shelter at different times. They were disarmed and kept in BGB custody.

All those who entered earlier are still in Bangladesh. Some of them are also receiving treatment in the hospital. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to negotiate with Myanmar to return them to their home country.

For the past few days, fierce fighting between rebel groups and military junta forces has been going on inside Myanmar. Their bullets and rocket launchers are flying at the Ghumdhum-Tumbru border of Naikshyongchari in Bandarban. In this, the residents of Ghumdhum-Tumbru area are passing their days in fear and anxiety. Casualties have already occurred.

Speaking to reporters on Monday (5 February) at noon, Foreign Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud told reporters that the government of that country has contacted to take back members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) who entered Bangladesh.

Hasan Mahmud said, we have uninterrupted communication with Myanmar. Myanmar’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs contacted our Ambassador this morning. They will take their citizens back. They will take back members of the Border Guard. Now we are in discussions about whether they will be taken back by plane or by boat.

The minister said that many (BGP members) had entered India earlier. They were airlifted from India.

Mentioning that many people are still coming from Myanmar, the foreign minister said, Myanmar has contacted us. We also communicated. There are still more to come, likely to come. Some were injured. They have been admitted to Cox’s Bazar Hospital.

In the evening, Law Minister Anisul Haque on behalf of Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told the National Assembly that the government is closely monitoring the situation of border tension. The Ministry of External Affairs is looking into the matter for discussions with Myanmar.


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