The terrible fire took the lives of two students of BUET

Two students of Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) named Lamisha Islam and Nahian Amin died in the terrible fire at Bailey Road in the capital.

Lamisa is a student of mechanical department at Buet. And Nahyan is a student of batch 22 of EEE department of the same batch. Son of Nahian Barisal. However, details about Lamisha are not known.

Earlier, the fire service received information about a fire in the ‘Kacchi Bhai Restaurant’ building located on Bailey Road in the capital around 9:50 pm on Thursday. At least 44 people have died. Besides, at least 22 people were seriously injured. It is feared that the death toll may increase in this incident.

The building that caught fire on Bailey Road last night is a seven-storey building. On the second floor of the building there is a food shop named ‘Kachchi Bhai’. Apart from a clothing store on the third floor, there are also eateries on the upper floors. Every day after evening the food stalls are crowded with customers. Many people go there to eat with their families.

There was a clothes shop on the third floor. All the rest were restaurants. The restaurants had gas cylinders. Because of that the intensity of the fire spread terribly