The building that caught fire on Bailey Road did not have a restaurant permit

The Capital Development Authority (RAJUK) said that there was no permission to open a restaurant in the Green Cozy Cottage building that caught fire on Bailey Road in the capital. According to Rajuk, the building was approved for office use only.

On Thursday (February 29), 46 people died in the fire that broke out in the Green Cozy Cottage building. The building housed 8 restaurants, a juice bar and a tea and coffee shop. There were also shops selling mobile phones and electronics equipment and clothes.

Ashraful Islam, Urban Planner and Director of Detailed Area Planning (DAP) Project of Rajuk, told the media that commercial approval has been taken for the building from one to seven floors. But it is only for office use. No permission has been taken for restaurant, showroom or anything else.

Meanwhile, RAB Director General (DG) M Khurshid Alam said that a fire broke out in a small shop below. They initially brought the fire under control with fire extinguishers. Later the gas cylinder exploded and the fire spread. Most people died of smoke inhalation.

He said there was only one staircase in the building. There were two elevators. No one could get down after the fire broke out at the ground floor entrance of the building.

Khurshid Alam said, whoever put the cylinder on the stairs will be found out. We are collecting information. An inquiry committee has been constituted, they will also submit a report.

Earlier in the morning, in a briefing organized at the Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery, Health Minister Samant Lal Sen said that 46 people have died in the fire in the multi-storied building on Bailey Road in the capital. Besides, he also said that the people undergoing treatment are not free from fear in this incident.